The Toledo R House Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate and assist young people with recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Toledo R House will provide service, prevention and rehabilitation through meetings. The primary goal of Toledo R house is to help with recovery from these addictions and to continue to provide a support system to these young people and their families.


The Toledo R House Vision Statement

Our vision is to have an open door housing facility where young people receive guidance and coping skills through counseling and interaction with other recovering people and learn to maintain a happy and successful life without the use of drugs and alcohol. We will form relationships with various organizations to offer services to teens and young adults who may be suffering from surrounding symptoms due to drugs and alcohol. We would like this to be a residential treatment facility to accommodate young people who think they might have a problem, who are in their addiction and want help and then to be able to come back after treatment for follow-up care and carry on the tradition of a clean and sober life. The primary focus of this facility will be towards treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.  The ability to pay for treatment will be secondary. Toledo R House will rely on donations and community support to assure no one will be turned away for treatment due to financial or insurance issues.


What We Do

  • We challenge teens to make wise decisions about drugs and alcohol.
  • We give teens a safe environment to open up and talk honestly about drugs and alcohol.
  • We give parents a place to share their frustrations, fears and to gather information pertaining to their kids drug and alcohol issues.
  • We guide teens and young adults from intervention, to treatment, to aftercare and then to a path free from addiction by teaching them to utilize a 12 step program into their everyday lives.