No parent wants to see their child become an addict.  It didn’t happen overnight and it won’t go away overnight.

Addiction is not an individual issue. It’s a family issue.  It is so important that everyone gets support.

You will get support here.

We have helped hundreds of teens and young adults and their families at this location for more than ten years. We understand the fear, the frustration and the fantasy of addiction.  We’ve been there in one way or another.  What a wonderful feeling to be with people who know just how you feel.

What’s most needed? Support.  Your support whether it’s coming to a meeting, joining us at an event or providing a snack for the kid’s meeting.

We wish drug and alcohol abuse was declining. But it isn’t.  It’s on the increase. Your cash contribution provides another opportunity for a child who desperately wants to be sober to get all the help they can.